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About Us

SGO Fitness was founded by the husband and wife team of Sean and Sarah Gogarty.
They began a mission to establish their personal fitness company in 2007,eventually moving to their current primary bootcamp location at Allied Garden in 2009, further expanding through 2010/11 with additional locations and trainers to serve you.
They dedicate themselves to spreading their fitness and healthy living and sharing their knowledge, training, and love of fitness with others.  Both have the rare natural ability to motivate and inspire their clients to reach maximum fitness potential. 
They are committed to providing you with the best in boot camp fitness and personal training. They, their trainers and support professionals have the skills to get you on track and keep you on the path to a strong, healthy body.
The SGOFitness team will provide you with a training program that is effective, hard, and fun that will push you to achieve your goals.
Meet your Trainers


Sean Gogarty

sean gif

BFA,ACE Certified Personal Trainer,

Sean Gogarty is an ACE certified trainer, TRX Certified Group Trainer, and the co-founder/co-owner of SGO Fitness and the top-rated, Mission Thin Possible™. 
Since 2009, he has been “changing lives, not just waistlines” through his innovative bootcamp classes, training sessions and weight loss programs. Specializing in Weight Loss, High-Intensity-Interval Group Training, and Sports Specific Fitness, Sean passionately helps others on their journey to greatness through inspirational tactics and fun, challenging training programs. Sean is focused on building a strong fitness community where fun and laughter go hand in hand with a solid workout. His clients describe him as a high-energy person who’s always smiling and full of encouragement. As he always says “I survive on a constant diet of High Fives and Push Ups.”
Sean began in fitness as a multi-sport athlete, competing in the sports of soccer, hockey, swim team, and track & field. Today he continues to compete in local races & mud runs, and is an active member of the San Diego soccer community.
Sean graduated from York University, in Toronto, Canada with a degree in Performing Arts, which he uses daily to motivate, encourage and enhance his clients’ work out experience. It was Sean’s dream of creating a top rated Fitness Company that led him to continue his studies in Exercise Science & Kinesiology at University of California San Diego. 

Sarah Gogarty


BA,ACE Certified Personal Trainer,

Sarah Gogarty is an ACE certified trainer, and the co-founder/co-owner of SGO Fitness and top-rated program, Mission Thin Possible™.  Specializing in High-Intensity-Interval Group Fitness Training, Weight Loss, and Pre-Post Natal Fitness, Sarah passionately focuses on helping others fall in love with fitness by producing fun programs along with a sense of real friendship and community. Sarah’s workouts are known to be challenging and effective. Her clients say she’s not afraid to push them to do their best and they can expect to be proud of themselves for what they accomplish after every session.

Sarah began practicing fitness and a healthy lifestyle at the age of 5 years old with her life-long sport of soccer.  Throughout her childhood, she developed her athletic capabilities with multiple sports including tennis, dance, body boarding, and hiking.  Today as an avid runner, she continues to compete in local races and mud runs. Sarah is passionate about healthy nutrition and enjoys researching nutritional information or preparing healthy meals for her family. 

Sarah graduated from the University of California San Diego with a degree in History planning to teach, but later returned to studying at UCSD in her true passion, Exercise Science & Kinesiology.  She says “After helping a good friend lose weight and gain so much confidence, I knew I wanted to help more people change their lives through fitness.”

Sarah stays active in the fitness industry, constantly learning from some of the top Fitness Pro’s in the business, producing fitness videos and programs, and blogging for SGO Fitness.  Sarah resides in San Diego, California with her husband and business partner, Sean Gogarty, and their 2 young boys, Evan and Jack.


BA,ACE Certified Personal Trainer,

Korey Seeba is a NASM Certified Trainer and Nutrition Specialist who has recently joined the SGO Fitness Training Team.  Korey has personally experienced the benefits of working with a trainer to overcome weight issues and was inspired to change his life to become a personal trainer.  He is very proud of his accomplishments and passionate about being in the right job for him where he can use his personal knowledge and experience to help others.  He says, “Today, my main goal is to pay it forward and help as many people as possible.  I truly love getting up in the morning because I know I am helping someone change their life.  I am helping someone do what they once thought was impossible, I am helping someone play with their children again, getting off their expensive medications, preventing further health problems and so much more.  I am passionate about what I do and will bring that excitement and passion to you on a daily basis. “


BA,ACE Certified Personal Trainer,

Jennifer Ogg is a Certified Personal Trainer ( ACE), Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM) and an Active Isolated Stretch Therapist ( The Mattes Method). She has also earned a BA in Business, minor in Psychology from Boston University which provides a strong basis for guiding clients to personal success.
Jennifer is a seasoned professional trainer who places the emphasis on whole self.  She says” I have worked with a broad spectrum of clients with various goals including high performance conditioning, sports specific training, functional and corrective strength, fat loss, core balance and active isolated stretch. My passion in life is to help people achieve their personal goals through my background and education of Psychology and Fitness.  My mission is to bridge the gap between medical and the health and fitness profession to provide the ultimate experience in lifestyle and well being to my clients”.

Support Team,Consultants and Associates

Dianne Machenski





    Diane Machcinski has been a Registered Dietitian for over 20 years and is the Director of A+ Nutrition, a personalized nutrition counseling service that has been in business for 18 years. Her philosophy is that “diets don’t work”.  She promotes lifestyle changes to permanently feel and look better.  She specializes in a personalized nutrition counseling approach and can design a program that will fit your lifestyle.  Good nutrition helps fuel fitness.
    Diane is very active in the dietetic profession and an award winner. Her accomplishments range from receiving the California Dietetic Association’s highest award, “Dolores Nyhus Award in 2010”.   She also received the “Distinguished Service” award in 2004 and “Excellence in Private Practice, Business and Communications” award in 2000.   She serves on the national and state level in various Chair positions.
    Diane earned her bachelors in Education from the University of Toledo and Master degree in Education from Bowling Green State University.  She has had articles published in the California Dietetic Bulletin and in Real Woman magazine on Healthy Eating for the whole family. She has given seminars at Nokia on Men’s Nutrition, Women’s Nutrition, How to Beat Brain Drain on the Job and Nutrition and Fitness and is a work site speaker for United Behavioral Health’s Optum Nutrition Wellness Programs. Throughout her career her experiences include: Chief Clinical Dietitian at Scripps Memorial Hospital, Nutrition Consultant for Scripps Executive Health in La Jolla, CA, clinical dietitian at Riverside Hospital, Toledo, Ohio, Adjunct Nutrition Professor for Mesa College and Palomar College, and Program Managers for San Diego County Community Health’s WIC, Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program and Child Health and Disability Prevention Treatment Reimbursement Program.
    To learn more about Diane’s company, A + Nutrition, visit her website at or call 858-279-5124 to set up a nutrition check-up.
    San Diego Chiropractic
    Address: 3633 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 205 San Diego, CA 92108
    Phone:(619) 755 – 7908       Fax: (619) 542 – 1792
    Born and raised in beautiful San Diego, Dr. Jeremy Dorris understands what it takes to be healthy and active all year long.  Whether surfing one of San Diego’s pristine shorelines, cycling up and down are beautiful coastal roads, or spending some time maintaining your award winning garden, Dr. Jeremy knows you need to be performing at your best.  And this is his commitment to you.  No matter what your activity or level of involvement, Dr. Jeremy will make sure you are performing at your maximum potential.
    Dr. Jeremy Dorris is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA where he served as a Clinical Rehabilitation Intern under former Olympian Dr. Dave Juehring, the director of the Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Department.  He also served as President of the Motion Palpation Club and is a certified TMJ provider.  Prior to graduation, Dr. Jeremy participated in a second three month internship with Dr. Jeremy Rodgers and Dr. Maureen Thomme of Colorado Sports Chiropractic near Boulder, CO.  Here he witnessed and helped care for a variety of both acute and chronic injuries.  He is a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner and does nutrition/weight loss consultations and is also a certified temporomandibular joint (TMJ) provider.
    Prior to Chiropractic college, Dr. Jeremy Dorris attended San Diego State University where he completed a major in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy and competed for four years on the San Diego State Men’s Crew Team.
    Biggest Athletic Achievement:
    Cycling from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL
Dr Andrea Norris
    Dr. Andrea Dorris is very passionate about empowering her patients to take an active role in their health.  Living an active lifestyle is not something new for Andrea.  She has enjoyed participating in triathlons, road races, water skiing and snow skiing for as long as she can remember.
    Dr. Andrea Dorris received her doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA where she was honored to serve as the President of the Palmer Motion Palpation Technique Club and as a Clinical Rehabilitation Interns under Olympian Dr. David Juehring, the director of the Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Department at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  Dr. Andrea Dorris also gained premiere maternity and pediatric chiropractic experience while interning for Dr. Elizabeth Decker in Boulder, Colorado.  She is a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner and does nutrition/weight loss consultations and is also a certified temporomandibular joint (TMJ) provider.  She continues to strive to keep at the forefront of medical studies and innovative health care programs.  Her goal is to use functional rehabilitation to maximize performance and promote overall body health.
    Prior to Dr. Andrea Dorris’ education at Palmer College of Chiropractic, she graduated from Central College in Iowa receiving her B.A. in Exercise Science: Health Promotion and a minor in Chemistry.  She also competed at the collegiate level on the Outdoor and Indoor Track and Field Teams and Cross Country Team.
    Biggest Athletic Achievement:
    Nine time ‘Top Age Group’ triathlon finisher
annette Romios
  • Annette Romios, L.Ac.
    Annette Romios is a California Board Licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist, as well as a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.  After a four-year course of study, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Emperor's College of Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California where she also completed an externship at UCLA.  Annette holds a Master's Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of San Francisco.
    Annette Romios, L.Ac, FABORM, founded Essential Points Acupuncture to provide quality healthcare in a welcoming and comfortable environment where people can receive complementary medical care from a variety of qualified practitioners.  Essential Points offers Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, lifestyle analysis, and functional medical testing.  Their intention is to offer complementary medical care and education to their patients, and to inspire a lifelong commitment to health and wellness.
    Annette firmly believes in living an active and healthy life. She has been involved in some form of dance since the age of 3.  Dancing, while it is fun, can also be rigorous and hard on the body.  Good nutrition, exercise and receiving regular acupuncture treatments has helped Annette to maintain her good health and continue to be able to do what she loves most…dance!
  • Melissa Ferral
    Melissa is a Certified Massage Therapist & Holistic Health Practitioner of the state of California and the Founder of Be Serene Massage Therapy.  She completed the Holistic Health Practitioner program at IPSB (International Professional School of Bodywork). 
    Melissa designs your session based on your preferences and problem areas, blending therapeutic lasting relief techniques with a serene touch, because you deserve to feel better and be indulged. She understands that every body is different and therefore no massage session is exactly the same.
    Melissa believes massage and bodywork is great in many a preventative and strengthening tool, for recuperation and healing, and to relax and reconnect to yourself and your body/mind.  It can be challenging to balance your energy levels mentally, emotionally, and physically, and Melissa treatments will prove that massage can be a fabulous recharge.
Melissa’s favorite massage modalities include: 
7676 Jackson Drive, Suite 8
San Diego, CA 92119
PHONE (619)804-5987
  • Matt Hsu (pronounced “shoe”)
    Upright Health is dedicated to the elimination of pain and the correction of posture through sensible and noninvasive means. Upright Health is about showing you how to care for your body so that you can enjoy your life and live it without fear of pain and other limitations. Matt specializes in work with professionals and business owners who need to give 100% to their work and play without having to worry about the pain, fatigue, frustration, and depression that come from deteriorating posture and declining physical performance. He has been helping people from all walks of life — including lawyers, doctors, dancers, dog walkers, yogis and yoginis, art teachers, students, mothers, fathers, and desk jockeys of all stripes — since 2007.
    Drawing upon his dedicated studies of manual and movement therapies as well as over 10 years of experience fending off chronic pain all over his own body, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to every session to help his clients understand and master their pain so that they can get back to living their lives.

    Matt Hsu
    Upright Health - Egoscue® Posture Alignment Therapy and Rolfing® Structural Integration
    (619) 630-8771
    3443 Camino del Rio S. #211
    San Diego, CA 92108
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